Welcome to your 1942


Were you Born in 1942?

For many of us it was a War Year. The second World War was well established both in Europe and across the Planet. Many of our Mothers and Fathers were involved in some way or another, and Fathers were dying before they could see their 1942 born child .

Me with My Parents, Fred and Ivy
Me with My Parents, Fred and Ivy

Both my parents came through the War experienced to bring me and my three sisters up to adulthood. And for me, I was a happy and loved child and consider myself lucky.

My life so far has been a good one, having offered both Happy and Sad periods, and at all times interesting.

If 1942 was your Birth Year, or you know of someone for whom it is, perhaps you would like to share something of that life, as it was, and is now.

With Best wishes,

Christopher Martin Morris- Born in Cheltenham, England, 21 March 1942

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